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Lush Club isnʼt the same as other agencies. We go the extra mile and do our best to protect your privacy. We understand itʼs a serious matter even if booking our erotic massage service isnʼt something to be ashamed about. Some people just like to keep their private life for themselves and we encourage them to do that.
At Lush Club, we take all the needed measure to make sure that nothing will leave our office. That is why our staff has to follow strict privacy standard, from the receptionists to the masseuses. As a step further, we also donʼt keep records or a database containing your details. We only keep those that help us make sure our masseuses are safe in the presence of our clients or to contact you if needed. Also, you can ask the agency to use a pseudonym or a pen name if you want your name to be undisclosed. The masseuses will only know the pen name you chose.
Another safety measure we take to protect your privacy and a pretty important one is that we select with great care our lovely masseuses. We donʼt hire any girl if we donʼt have the guarantee that she is reliable and trustworthy. Once they become our employees, itʼs their responsibility too to protect your privacy. They have to adhere to our privacy standard that wonʼt allow them to share your details. They know just as much like us that your personal details have to stay personal, so anything you decide to share will remain between the two of you!