beijing independent massage girls

Recently, a hotel in Beijing, a girl in her 20s ran out naked, what is going on? Where are you going? This woman is a masseur in a beijing independent massage girls shop and is a regular beijing independent massage girls shop. Only beijing independent massage girls service, no other services, she adapted to the needs of the shop guests on the same day, provide on-site beijing independent massage girls service, can go with her on the same day, there is a colleague Xiao Xia, let them arrive at the hotel, in the room There are already two men waiting for them. What they didn’t think was that the woman entered the door and the man asked them to take off their clothes. The two women were of course unwilling and said that they were regular masseurs. other service.
It’s okay to tell the truth to them, but the two men did not stop. So he took two men and took out his own criminal equipment. The electric baton, handcuffs and knives threatened them to undress. The woman was forced to helpless and began to take off her clothes. When the girl took off her clothes, the two men were also relaxed and vigilant. It was such a small time, and the girl fled quickly, and her body was naked. After going out, the girl also rushed to the police. When the police came, they also arrested the suspect on the spot.
He said that he did not commit rape. Everything was voluntary. At that time, the girl and colleagues also stood up and accused the two men of committing rape two months ago. The girl’s wallet and the mobile phone were stolen together. For the girl’s identification, the suspect said that it was called a beijing independent massage girls service. Because the time exceeded the requirement to add 1200 yuan, she was very angry and did not agree. She took her wallet and mobile phone when she went to the toilet. After going down together, the police found that there were many scars on the girl and there were traces of handcuffs on the hands. At the same time, the police found handcuffs, stun guns and knives in the suspect room.
Under the numerous evidences, the man finally admitted his criminal behavior and said that he actually had a girlfriend. The beijing independent massage girls was just for the purpose of looking for excitement. I have to say that these two men are really okay to find something for themselves. They already have a girlfriend, and they are going out to look for excitement. Besides, they can go to other places to find excitement. Is this place not easy to find? Why do you want to threaten the little girl? If you don’t want to stick to it, don’t stick to it. What is going on with the knife? Isn’t this harmful to yourself?