beijing tantra massage

beijing tantra massage

One, two palms to the palm of the heart, respectively, put to the waist, palm to the skin, beijing tantra massage the waist up and down, Until there is a sense of heat. Can be done once, sooner or later, about 200 times each time.

This exercise can replenish the renal gas

Two, two hands holding the fist, arm back with two thumbs of the palm joint protruding part, natural beijing tantra massage waist eye, inward

Do a circular rotary beijing tantra massage, gradually force, so that the feeling of acid swelling is good, continuous beijing tantra massage for about 10 minutes, early, medium, Once in the evening.

Waist for the kidney, often do waist-eye beijing tantra massage, can prevent and control the elderly due to kidney loss caused by slow muscle strain,

Low back pain and other symptoms.

Methods of foot beijing tantra massage

Yes: daily before going to bed with warm water to soak feet, and then rub the heat with your hands, with the left hand heart beijing tantra massage right foot heart, right hand heart beijing tantra massage the left foot heart, more than 100 times at a time, to hot feet as a good fit.

This method has the effect of strong kidneys to reduce fire,

The effect of false fever is very good for middle-aged and elderly people.

Moisturizing tips

  1. Practice baby breathing This is one of the methods of health care, Thanna. Use the tip of your tongue against your upper jaw, your mouth slightly round, and breathe freely with your nose. You can do it any time until you get into a habit.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that our bodies have veins and veins, which have a broken end in the mouth, the port of the supervision of the pulse above the tongue, and the port of the vein under the tongue. Normal breathing, the veins and supervision are disconnected.

If the tip of the tongue against the upper jaw, these two meridians can be connected, yin and yang conversion will be very free, the source of body fluids will be relatively abundant, abundant water like a high reserve of groundwater, watering the skin.

2, eat more foods containing collagen Collagen is distributed in many tissues throughout the body, but most in the skin. Collagen retains moisture and maintains the elasticity of the skin and muscles.

This ingredient content is the most pig’s feet, beef ribs, fish skin, can eat appropriate, supplement the body collagen, for the skin to transport moisture.

3, sweat ingress in time to rehydrate Sweat is transformed from the seeping out of the blood.

After intense exercise out of a sweat, it means to lose a large number of body fluids, and the loss of should be the part of the skin should be moisturized, the skin can not dry? So after the exercise must be timely water, in addition to bath remember to apply body lotion to replenish the body.

4, do not over-sit when bathing Otherwise, not only will dead skin cells be removed, but some of the skin cells that are still functioning will also be removed.

Those cells in the body table like the “scalp”, can block the internal moisture outward rapid consumption, peeling off the “scalp”, skin moisture will quickly lose.

  1. Moisturize the skin from the outside After cleaning the face every day, spray a moisturizer spray on the face to allow moisture to be fully absorbed from the clean pores to increase skin moisture.

After the bath can also be applied to the body skin care cream, moisturizing the skin, to reduce the lack of oil after the bath skin, and lose more moisture. First, the Muladhara Chakra. Color: Fire red. Symbol: Four lotus petals. Corresponding feeling: sense of smell. Corresponding glands: adrenal glands. Mandala: Lam. Corresponding element: Earth. Basic principle: will to survive. This wheel lowers the cosmic energy to the physical level, down to the level of the individual, and into the system of our human micro-life. Opening this round means opening up to the world and accepting what you have to face. Submarine wheels are a prerequisite for the existence of other wheels. This round of health opening will have good interpersonal relations, and mother earth has a sense of affinity, one-in-one, satisfied with life, stability, with internal strength. Natural experience: Such as sunrise or sunset, clean soil.

Corresponding Yoga: Hada Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. Second, the reproductive wheel (Svadhistana Chakra). Color: Orange. Symbol: Six lotus petals. Corresponding feeling: taste. it’s related to the sex glands. Mandala: Vam. Corresponding element: Water. Basic principle: survival creation. The reproductive wheel is the center of raw emotion, sexual energy, and creativity. Through this round, we penetrate the whole of nature, and we become the organic part of all creation. Nature Experience: Moon, Clear Water.

Corresponding Yoga: Tantero Yoga. Third, the umbilical wheel (Manipura Chakra). Color: Golden gold. Symbol: Ten lotus petals. Corresponding feeling: vision. it’s related to the pancreas. Mandala: Ram. Corresponding element: Fire. Basic principle: the shape of existence. Represents warmth, strength, status, and energy transformation. The umbilical wheel is very closely related to our acquired energy. The main sources of our energy are water, food, air, color, information. Opening this round brings joy and inner richness. Natural experience: golden sun, wheat fields, sunflowers.

Corresponding Yoga: Action Yoga. Fourth, the Heart Wheel (Anahata Chakra). Color: Green, also includes pink and gold. Symbol: Twelve lotus petals. Corresponding feeling: touch. It’s related to the thymus. Mandala: Yam. Corresponding element: Wind. Basic principle: faithfulfaith. Represents compassion, love, bonding, service, openness, joy, integration, inclusion, and the distribution of energy. The heart wheel is closely related to the breathing and circulating function of the human body. Nature experience: flowers, pink sky.

Corresponding Yoga: Pious Yoga. Fifth, the throat wheel (Vishudha Chakra). Color: Light blue. Symbol: Sixteen petals of lotus. It is related to the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Corresponding feeling: hearing. Mandala: Ham. Corresponding element: ether (empty). Basic principle: resonance of existence. Represents communication, communication, experience, understanding, clarity, perseverance, self-expression. Natural experience: blue sky, blue sky in the water refraction.

Corresponding Yoga: Mandala Yoga. Sixth, Ajna Chakra. Color: Indigo blue, also includes yellow or purple. Symbol: Ninety-six lotus petals. It’s related to the pituitary gland. Corresponding feelings: All sensations, including super-perception. Mandala: Ksham. Basic principle: Knowledge of existence. It involves all senses, knowledge, cognition, rational thinking, super-sensory. The eyebrow wheel is considered to be the location of the eye or the third eye. Nature experience: The night sky is full of stars.

Corresponding Yoga: Smart Yoga and Medal Yoga. Seventh, top wheel (Sahasrara Chakra). Color: Purple, white and gold. Symbol: a thousand lotus petals. It’s related to the pineal gland. Mandala: OM. Basic principles: pure existence, spiritual will. Inside vision, focus, light, one ness, no less.

Nature Experience: Uphill.

The human body 5 golden holes: do you get old without rubbing?

A constant understanding of meditators and meditation is meditation. The human body is the world’s most outstanding art, according to the gold split point to find, there are 5 golden holes. Chinese medicine experts pointed out that often beijing tantra massage these five points can be anti-aging.

Come on, you’ll be old without rubbing it.

  1. Hundred Cave – 0.618 above the head to the back of the brain is the hundred cave, in the center of the head.

Because the cave is on the top of the human head, in the highest place of the person, so the human body’s uploaded yang will meet here.

beijing tantra massage method: sitting in a chair, with the palm of the beijing tantra massage hundred stakes, each time in the clockwise direction and counterclockwise direction of each beijing tantra massage 50 times, 2-3 times a day, can clear the meridian, enhance the yang of the pulse.

Knock method: with the right hollow palm gently tap the hundred hole, each 10 times, you can keep the mood relaxed, relieve the trouble.

  1. Chung Quan Cave – 0.618 to the toe of the heel is the Spring Cave, in the heart of the foot. “Yellow Emperor’s Book” said: “The kidneys out of the spring, the spring of the heart also.” It means that the breath of the kidneys is like the water of the source, coming from the foot, gushing out of the irrigation limbs around.

Therefore, chungquan cave plays an important role in human health.

Daily adhere to push the spring hole, can make the elderly energetic, physical enhancement, disease prevention capacity will also be enhanced.

Methods: Take the natural position, reclining or lying down, use their feet to alternate each other’s action, can also use the foot heart to smother the head of the bed or other instruments.

  1. Guanyuan cave – the foot bottom to the head of 0.618 for guanyuan hole, under the navel four horizontal fingers. Guanyuan cave is the small intestine’s cavity, the small intestine gas gathered this hole and through this cave to the skin, is the place of health tona inhale sacud.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Guanyuan Cave has the work of cultivating yuan solid book and making up the interests of the next focus. Press kneading the yuan hole, you can regulate the endocrine.

Improves the condition of long spots and acne. Note that you can’t apply too much force, press kneading as long as there is a local feeling of acid swelling can be.

Cold-induced pain, heat applying this hole also has a very good effect.

  1. Indo-Tang – from the chin, located at the head 0.618 for the indo-tang, in the midpoint of the two-brow connection.

Indo-Tang Cave is one of the strange caves, the main function of Chinese medicine recognition is clear-headed, open nose.

The cavity can effectively relieve the dryness of the nose, so that the mucus secretion in the nasal cavity increases, keep the nasal cavity moist, but also prevent nosebleeds, rhinitis and colds and other diseases. Methods: With the cursing thumb and forefinger gently printing the temple, and make gentle and gentle kneading, to local feeling numbness, swelling as appropriate.

Usually knead for 2 minutes.

  1. Middle hole – in the middle part of the human body, the torso 0.618 is the cavity, in the middle of the two nipples.

The cavity is the place where the heart packs through gas, but also the vein, foot too yin, foot less yin, hand sun, hand less yang through the intersection of the hole, can manage the gas live blood flow, wide chest gas, cough flat wheezing. Modern medical research has also confirmed that stimulating the cave can effectively treat asthma, chest tightness, palpitations, upsets, angina, etc. by regulating nerve function.

Especially people with breast problems, you can often press kneading this hole. Press to knead 100 times a day for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Want not to open things, suffocation so dissipated, people will be particularly peaceful, comfortable. Please note when rubbing: four fingers together, and then with the finger belly gently do clockwise ring kneading or beijing tantra massage from top to bottom, do not push from the bottom up!